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Top 20 FITNESS SCAM products – part one.

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Every day, there is a new fitness product that claims to guarantee far fetched dramatic results which seem unbelievable. Manufacturers make a quick buck and become billionaires overnight. Celebrity endorsements and targeted advertisements with (fake) guarantees make sure a lot of people fall for the trap and end up getting scammed. Advertisers ruthlessly annihilate the emotions of people to sell. The manufacturers are no less than criminals looking to exploit the hopelessly gullible. This is part one of the two-part series and covers 10 of the top 20 scam fitness products.

#1 Waist trainer:

A waist trainer makes us sweat more around the abdominals. Sweat is a mechanism to control body temperature and has nothing to do with fat burning. We can burn fat without sweating and we can sweat without burning fat. Sweat is NOT fat crying. Some waist trainers increase the tightness around the waist to make it appear compact. It is a cosmetic way of hiding fat and has nothing to do with weight loss or fat loss. Wearing a waist trainer for long can restrict our breathing and movement. Last but not the least, simply because the infamous controversy queen Kim Kardashian endorsed a waist trainer it does not become a scientific fat burning belt.

#2 Turmeric infused coconut water:

Turmeric has some amazing medicinal properties. Coconut water has minerals and lots of sugar. There is no way we can burn fat or reduce weight drinking coconut water infused with anything under the sun. Coconut water will spike insulin and will help increase fat. In the long run, coconut water will be detrimental to our health as it will increase our vulnerability to get lifestyle-related diseases like Type 2 diabetes. Infusing turmeric (or anything else) with coconut water and selling it in a slim looking bottle is a great way to scam people.

#3 Sauna suit:

A sauna suit or a slim suit is a bogus weight-loss costume that makes us sweat like a pig. It is a full-body suit mostly made of rubber or plastic and is sealed air-tight. The body heat and humidity trap inside the costume making us lose an exponential amount of water. Why sweat and dehydrate in a highly discomforting costume? As mentioned earlier, sweat is a mechanism to maintain body temperature and has nothing to do with weight loss or fat loss. The weight loss due to dehydration is gain immediately when we ingest water.

Here's a slim suit infomercial:

#4 Sliding ab toner:

A sliding ab toner is not only a bogus fitness gadget but also a very dangerous one. It does not help burn fat, reduce weight or give us huge hypertrophied abs. It only wastes our money, effort, time and puts our body at great risk. While using the machine, if our form is incorrect, we may damage our cartilage disc between the vertebrae of the spine.

Here's a sliding ab toner infomercial:

#5 Morning walker:

A morning walker allegedly replaces a casual morning walk or a jog with relaxation, haha! This scam fitness gadget is created for lazy people who do not want to take efforts of undertaking even a casual walk. It is a device which gently shakes our lower body while we lay flat on the ground/ bed. The company makes a bold claim – using morning walker for 15 minutes has the same effect of walking 10,000 steps. They go further to say that morning walker helps in losing weight, burning fat, controlling diabetes and blood pressure. My God, it is easier to believe the earth is flat. The best part of this device is that it is far from replacing walking, jogging or running. Ironically, the company calls it a scientific device. At best, it will be good for a laugh. Take a look at their website: https://www.morningwalker.com/.

Here's the morning walker infomercial:

#6 Body toning shoes:

The idea of wearing shoes for toning body sounds exciting. Unfortunately, it only stays exciting and that is the end of it. There is no footwear in the world (or beyond) that can increase or decrease weight/ fat/ height/ blood pressure etc. At best, correct footwear can help with comfort and performance but, nothing beyond that for sure. Here too, Kim Kardashian had endorsed the product and it was promoted as Kardashian-approved shape-ups.

Here's the Sketchers shape-ups advertisement:

Here's Kim Kardashian admitting at a press conference that Sketchers shape-ups work:

Here's how Sketchers was fined for misleading advertisements and false claims:

#7 Leg magic pulse:

Leg magic pulse is just another scam device with zero science. It is a device which has two wheeled-platforms on which we place our feet and start moving our legs from right to left and vice versa. There a handle to hold on with our hands. The device itself is prone to breakage, kinesiologically incorrect and highly prone to cause injuries.

Here's the leg magic pulse infomercial:

#8 The ab rocket twister:

As the name suggests, the ab rocket twister allegedly promises a 4/ 6/ 8 pack abs. As crazy as it sounds, the ab rocket twister is completely fake. There are problems with the machine itself along with it being prone to cause injuries. What a waste of time, effort and money.

Here's the ab rocket twister infomercial:

#9 Face trainer:

A face trainer allegedly reduces wrinkles by helping us train our facial muscles. Is this believable? We think it is unimaginable to come up with such a unique (and equally useless) offering and hope people to buy it.

Here's the face trainer infomercial:

#10 Dumbbell cutlery:

Dumbbell cutlery is allegedly supposed to help reduce weight as you eat. The company claims that each morsel of food will require additional effort which will help burn more calories and help reduce weight. It is not only a crazy but equally a stupid idea to use such knives, spoons and forks. How on earth can it induce fat burn or weight loss is a mystery.

Here's the dumbbell cutlery infomercial:

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