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The KETO Coconut Barfi recipe.

A coconut barfi is a traditional Indian sweet prepared during festivals or special occasions. It is simple to make and tastes scrumptious. But, as with all barfis, the coconut barfi is unhealthy too. Unhealthy because it uses sugar as a sweetener and a binding agent. So, we decided to make the coconut barfi healthy while enhancing taste by replacing the harmful ingredients and modifying the preparation method. That’s what the Keto Coconut Barfi is about. The Keto Coconut Barfi is easy to make, delicious, healthy, diabetic friendly and keto-friendly. You can eat it guilt-free and satisfy your sweet tooth simultaneously. So, let us look at the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.

Recipe name: Keto Coconut Barfi.

Skill level: Beginner.

Preparation time: Under 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Coconut flour or desiccated coconut powder, stevia powder, ghee or clarified butter, milk cream.

Optional ingredients: Sliced almonds, cinnamon powder, saffron, sliced walnuts, cocoa powder, instant coffee powder.

Serves: One person 2 to 3 times as a dessert.

Method of Preparation for the KETO COCONUT BARFI:

Step 1: Take a large pan, add 5 to 6 tablespoons of ghee, and let it heat for a minute on medium flame.

Ghee in a pan for the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.
Ghee in a pan on medium heat.

Step 2: Add the optional ingredients like sliced walnuts and almonds and fry them until they turn slightly golden brown. You can entirely skip this step if you do not want to add any optional ingredients.

Frying sliced almonds for the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.
Frying sliced almonds in ghee on medium heat.

Step 3: Add two cups of coconut flour or desiccated coconut powder to the hot ghee and toast it on a low flame for 3 to 5 minutes till it turns slightly golden brown. Keep stirring to avoid burning and lumping. Mix the almonds and walnuts evenly with the coconut flour or desiccated coconut. Do not toast the coconut flour on medium or high flame as it may burn.

Coconut flour for the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.
Add coconut flour and toast it on a low flame till it turns golden brown.

Step 4: Once the mixture turns golden brown, keep it in the corner of the pan.

Step 5: Add milk cream or milk-based whipping cream to the other side of the pan. The higher the fat content of the cream, the better the barfi tastes.

Whipping cream for the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.
Add whipping cream.

Step 6: Add stevia as per taste to the milk cream and stir for an even mixing. Add other optional ingredients like cinnamon powder, saffron, cocoa powder, coffee powder etc., as per taste. Do not add ingredients with solid flavours together in the mixture. For example, choose between instant coffee or cocoa instead of adding both. You can add other keto-friendly flavours or essences like vanilla if you wish.

Step 7: Once the cream is mixed with stevia and the optional ingredients, if any, mix it thoroughly with the toasted coconut flour or desiccated coconut that you have kept to the side.

The Keto Coconut Barfi mixture.
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 8: Keep stirring the mixture on a low flame for another 2 to 3 minutes until all the cream is absorbed and you see ghee droplets oozing out of the mix. If required, add more cream, turn off the heat, and let the mixture cool to room temperature.

Step 9: Take another small pan and place a sheet of parchment paper at the base.

Parchment paper for the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe.
Place a sheet of parchment paper at the base of a pan.

Step 10: Spread the mixture evenly on the parchment paper and press gently to form a solid and even layer across the pan.

The Keto Coconut Barfi mixture spread on parchment paper.
Spread the mixture evenly on the parchment paper.

Step 11: Put the mixture in the refrigerator for about three hours to harden. The ghee works as a binding agent holding all the ingredients together when cooled.

Step 12: Pull out the mixture and cut it into smaller pieces. You may cut into circles, diamonds, rectangles, squares, or any other fancy shape of your choice. Let the portions come to room temperature. Voila, your Keto Coconut Barfi is ready to eat!

Diamond shaped Keto Coconut Barfi.
Diamond cut pieces of the Keto Coconut Barfi.
Ready to eat - The Keto Coconut Barfi.
The Keto Coconut Barfi.

The Keto Coconut Barfi can be stored in the refrigerator and stays fresh for about a week. However, it tastes best at room temperature, so remember to pull it out of the fridge a couple of hours before consumption.

We hope you liked the Keto Coconut Barfi recipe. Time for some guilt-free indulgence!

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