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10 WEIGHT LOSS Myths Busted.

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Since 1975, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled. As per the World Health Organization, in 2016, close to 40% of adults were overweight. In 2020, more than 39 million children under the age of 5 were overweight. Although obesity is easily preventable, many of us miserable lose the war for weight loss and fat loss. One of the reasons for this is the misinformation and myths that we continue to follow, thinking they are scientific. The need of the hour is to clear the junk of misleading information, which is causing more harm than good. This article helps us do that by busting the top 10 weight loss myths.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, weight loss and fat loss are different. Sounds surprising? Weight loss can occur because of muscle loss, dehydration, illness, injury etc. Fat loss with negligible muscle loss happens due to correct lifestyle, nutrition, training, and rest. Read more on it here: weight loss vs fat loss. For correct understanding, in this article, weight loss strictly refers to weight loss occurring due to fat loss.

#1 YOGA helps in Weight Loss:

Yoga teaches great forms of stretching exercises and asanas that help with flexibility. Flexibility reduces chances of injury and is one of the components of fitness supporting general physical preparedness. Yogic asanas focus on deep breathing, concentration and calming down the body. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to link yoga with weight loss. However, there is ample scientific evidence to link yoga with flexibility & mental health.

Read more on the science of stretching here: The importance of Stretching.

Verdict: No, Yoga helps with body flexibility & mental health and not weight loss.

#2 A mixture of BAKING SODA, LEMON and VINEGAR helps Reduce Weight:

Baking soda is thought to have alkalizing effects on our body, but there is no scientific evidence. Our body regulates its PH levels independent of what we eat. Whether we drink, inject or bathe in a mixture of baking soda, lemon and vinegar, it will never help us lose weight or burn fat. Baking soda may be suitable for cleaning, baking, shining our teeth, washing clothes etc., but it has no connection with nutrition. Unregulated consumption of baking soda may cause side effects. These include metabolic acidosis, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems.

Read more on the consumption of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar for weight loss here: Baking soda for weight loss?

Verdict: No, eating, drinking, injecting, or bathing in baking soda, lemon and vinegar will not even remotely help reduce weight.

#3 CRUNCHES help in Weight Loss and in getting Visible SIX-PACK ABS:

Crunches help strengthen the abdominals and hypertrophy the rectus abdominis muscles. Crunches are an isolation exercise and cover a minimal surface area. Therefore, it will have almost no noticeable impact on weight loss or fat loss. Since it will not help much with burning fat on the tummy or anywhere else, the abs under the tummy fat may never be visible.

Verdict: Crunches do not help lose weight or get visible six-pack abs. Do not waste time and effort doing crunches for weight loss or fat loss.

#4 COCONUT WATER supports Weight Loss:

Coconut water may be natural and full of minerals but, it also has lots of sugar. Sugar in any form or shape is terrible. Natural sugar and artificial sugar are equally lethal for us. Coconut water has a very high potential of spiking our insulin levels due to the sugar content. It would be better to pop a mineral supplement or get our mineral requirements from other food sources than coconut water. Coconut water supports weight gain in terms of fat gain.

Verdict: Coconut water does not support weight loss and, on the contrary, promotes weight gain by fat gain.

#5 FRUITS help in Reducing Weight:

Most fruits are high in fructose which is a type of sugar. Fructose spikes insulin. Insulin spikes cause numerous lifestyle-related diseases like type two diabetes, obesity, fatty liver etc. Hence, fruits are also called natures candy. They contain micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, but it would be foolish to consume fruits by ignoring the fructose content. At best, eat fruits (in moderation) low in fructose like strawberry, peach, avocado, raspberries etc.

Verdict: Fruits do not help in losing weight or reducing fat. For avoiding excessive weight/ fat gain, high fructose fruits like banana, mango, apple, grapes etc., should be omitted entirely from our diet.

#6 JOGGING is the Best Way to Reduce Weight:

Jogging by itself is a suboptimal way to burn fat and reduce weight. We must put in too much effort and time for weight loss or fat loss from jogging. However, the weight loss or fat loss arising from jogging is minimal compared to the effort and time invested. Most people who jog for reducing weight or burning fat are minimally successful. Jogging is excellent for cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance, which are two of the components of fitness. A weight loss program should be more comprehensive than just jogging and should give equal importance to other aspects of fitness like musculoskeletal strength, nutrition, flexibility and overall lifestyle. Losing weight in terms of fat requires a lifestyle change.

Verdict: A comprehensive weight loss program should include way more than just jogging. Combining jogging with weight training, nutrition, and a correct lifestyle will give way better results than jogging alone. Thus, jogging is not the best way to reduce weight.

#7 Weight Loss CAPSULES, POWDERS and GELS work:

No! These products are laughable. There is no such capsule, powder, or gel that melts/ freezes fat or reduces weight. Fat burner is a level 5 ergogenic aid that works with a correct lifestyle and athlete level training.

Verdict: Weight loss capsules, liquids, powders, gels, syrups, tablets etc., do not work for weight loss.

#8 FANCY PRODUCTS that appear to be Scientific for Weight Loss work:

Every day there is a new scam fitness product, and just because a product is fancy or trending does not mean it is scientific. Celebrities, doctors, and well-known figures promote these scam products to instil trust. Such items include steam/ sauna belts, waist trainers, ab toners, vibration belts etc.

There are so many scam fitness products that we wrote two blogs covering the top 20 bogus products. Read the top 20 fitness scam products - part 1 and the top 20 fitness scam products - part 2 of the two-part series.

Verdict: Like trends come and go, fancy weight loss products come and go. We do not require a fancy product to lose weight. We need a lifestyle change. So, please do not fall for the scams. Thus, fancy products are a rip-off and do not work for weight loss.

#9 Replacing TABLE SUGAR with a more NATURAL form of SUGAR helps in Weight Loss:

Whether natural or artificial, sugar is sugar. All types of sugars are lethal to the human body. Just because the sweetness comes naturally from honey or jaggery does not mean it is safe. Sugar spikes insulin. Insulin spikes are related to lifestyle-related diseases.

Read more on how brands load sugar in their products and cunningly claim the product to be free of sugar: No sugar – a lie!

Verdict: Natural sugar is as bad as table sugar, and replacing table sugar with natural forms of sugar like honey or jaggery does not help lose weight. It is best to avoid sugar.

#10 SPOT REDUCTION typically on & around the TUMMY is Possible:

No! Spot reduction is a myth and does not exist. Weight loss and weight gain happen throughout the body. Fat loss and fat gain too occur throughout the body. Exercises, including crunches, are incapable of spot reduction. Therefore, it is biologically impossible to target a specific area we desire weight loss or fat loss.

Read more on spot reduction here: Is spot reduction possible?

Verdict: Spot reduction is unscientific, and there is no evidence of the same. Do not waste time and effort doing spot reduction exercises for weight loss or fat loss.

We hope you enjoyed busting the top 10 weight loss myths. Cheers to the myth-busting!

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