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10 things to Avoid POST WORKOUT.

Our post workout routine is as important as our workout itself. What we do post workout influences our body’s ability to recover, rejuvenate and super compensate. It also helps in setting the ethics of working out in a shared area like a gym. Some popular post workout routines do more harm than good while other post workout habits are annoying to people around. Are you doing the wrong things post workout? Here are the 10 things to avoid post workout.

#1 Having Glucose:

Glucose is not required unless we experience a blackout. If we have glucose post workout, it will result in a massive insulin spike. The body will store excess glucose as fat. Insulin spikes are related to many lifestyle-related diseases. Having glucose post workout does more harm than good and it’s best to avoid it unless we experience a blackout like a scenario.

#2 Skipping Stretching:

Stretching is the most ignored component of fitness. It makes our body more flexible and decreases susceptibility to injury. Skipping stretching will make our body inflexible and prone to injuries while we workout and in our daily lives. Stretching also helps calm down the body, normalise body temperature and heart rate. Thus, skipping stretching post working is a very bad idea.

#3 Omitting Hydration:

A lot of changes happen in the body when we workout. To name a few, the heart rate increases, breathing becomes heavy, body temperature increases etc. The body sweats to control its temperature and function optimally. Long workouts in high temperature and humid environment may lead to dehydration. It is important to keep sipping water while working out and replenish water reserves post workout. Hence, it is recommended to not omit hydration (during or) post workout.

#4 Having Sugary Foods:

Sugary foods spike insulin and insulin spikes lead to many lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart trouble etc. Sugary food does a lot of damage all the time especially if ingested post workout when the body needs antioxidants. The body and mind go through a lot of stress during a workout. If not controlled, this stress may result in a free radical attack. Sugary foods will amplify the free radical attack.

#5 Having Steam/ Sauna:

Workout drains us of energy and water. If we have a steam bath or a sauna bath right after a workout, it will lead to further dehydration. High temperatures will also elevate the heart rate at a time when the heart rate has to normalise. It’s best to avoid a steam/ sauna session post workout.

#6 Staying in Sweaty Clothes:

Our sweat has water and salt. It is a perfect environment for disease-causing germs to flourish. Prolonged stay in sweaty clothes leads to odour and skin rashes. It also makes people around us uncomfortable. Wash all the clothes including headbands, sweatbands, socks, towel and undergarments after each workout session. Thus, staying in sweaty clothes is best avoided after a workout.

#7 Neglecting the Mess left behind:

It is mandatory to clean the bench off the sweat, arrange the plates and barbells and rerack the dumbbells every time we use them. Heavy workout may be a matter of pride for us but for others, the dumbbells, barbells and plates strewn around is a mess. It is important to carry a fresh dry towel to wipe off the bench or clean the barbell each time we use it. Leaving the bench with our sweat marks, not racking up the dumbbells and not rearranging the plates & barbells is one thing we should avoid post workout.

#8 Having Caffeine:

Caffeine is a stimulant and should ideally be had pre workout. There is no point in stimulating a tired mind and body immediately post workout. It may temporarily have a stimulating effect post workout but, as time passes and the effect reduces, we start feeling more tired. Having caffeine post workout is never a good idea.

#9 Having processed Energy Bars:

Post workout energy bars should be had with caution. Most of the inexpensive bars are loaded with sugar. Sometimes, to claim a no-sugar product, brands use misleading names for sugar like sucrose, glucose, golden syrup, cane sugar, brown sugar, caramel etc. At other times, brands use ambiguous terms like no added sugar, natural sugar, sugar-free, zero sugar. Many such bars are loaded with not only the worst forms of sugar but also high glycemic carbs. It is best to avoid energy bars post workout. Here’s a blog that was exclusively written on how brands mislead us with their no sugar claims (as a bonus the blog also covers a list of misleading names for sugar): No Sugar - A Lie!

#10 Having Alcohol, Tobacco or Recreational Drugs:

Alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs in any form should be always avoided more so immediately after a workout. These substances are toxic to our body. They will temporarily make us feel relaxed but, in the process of doing so do a lot of damage internally. They will also cause or amplify a free radical attack. It’s best to completely avoid alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs especially immediately after a workout.

Hope this article helped in understanding the 10 things to avoid post workout.

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