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Frequently asked questions

What is Anatomy Of Fitness?

Anatomy Of Fitness is a blog site dedicated to unbiased and 100% scientific information on Fitness and Nutrition. The objective is to educate the common man about fitness and bust opinionated myths. We pride ourselves for preaching science and eradicating myths.

Who is the author of the blogs available on Anatomy Of Fitness?

Akshay Ankalikar is the author for all the blogs written on

What is the qualification of the author in relation to the writing?

The author has three key qualifications: a passion for subject research, a flair for teaching and an ability to unlearn & relearn. The author is not a qualified doctor.

Are the blogs researched?

Analysing secondary research from multiple sources is a part of the process of writing an article. All articles are thoroughly researched content pieces.

How is Anatomy Of Fitness different from other fitness blog sites?

Most fitness blogs rely on opinions and ignore science. Hence, all of them have different hypothesis and philosophies for a subject that is highly scientific. If all the fitness blogs talk about the science of fitness they will end up talking about the same thing in the same way. Anatomy Of Fitness relies only on scientific data obtained from high calibre research.

How do I get in touch for partnership opportunities/ queries/ suggestions?

Please fill the form available under Contact and we will connect with you at the earliest.